Monday, October 18, 2010

Amazone EC2 ... A headache! Do not buy it!

My experience on Amazon AWS EC2 hosting.

Thought 1). Oops!! I made a mistake by choosing it.

Thought 2). Oh god!! what have I done by choosing it.

Thought 3). Ummm, it's ok. It's not so bad dicision.

Thought 4). Wow, it's wonderful. Thank god I chose it.

Thought 5). Oh shit!! it can be nightmare sometimes.

Thought 6). Bloody hell!! They don't provide support even if we purchase the most expensive support package.

Thought 7). Woosh!! Finally all done. I lost my sleep for a few nights but at the end I learned a few things.

Also, no matter what level of support package you purchase, absolutely nobody is going to help you. Only your own knowledge of Linux will come to rescue (Ofcourse, only if you choose the Linux server - which is most likely). 

In simple term what they give is a plain server box on which you have full control, nothing else. But the other advantages they provide are awesome like Elastic size of storage, elastic processing resources, elastic IPs, elastic databases etc. The specs looked fantastic to me but there are numerous types of things you have to manage when you are supposed to host a comprehensive website. In short I had to acquire all the knowledge that a linux hosting provider needs to have. In the end it was fun ......... :)